Our Leadership

Ron Alpert

President/Founder/Board Member
Ron has been riding since he got his first bike at age 6. That feeling of pushing off and going down the street in front of his house was exhilarating; he fell and got up to ride again. By the age of 8, he and his best friend were riding all around town having discovered ‘freedom’, a wonderful moment in the development of childhood. Ron bought his first modern bike about 7 years ago. He and his friend, Dr. Lam Do, have essentially ridden their bicycles the entire length of the Pacific Coastline! In the past couple of years, Ron completed several 100 mile “century” rides and loves to tour. This is a passion for Ron to stay healthy, share his wisdom with others, and help others achieve their greatness! He has an MBA and is a businessman with over 40 years of experience.

Laurie Espinoza

Secretary/Board Member
Laurie has been riding a bike since her first tricycle at 5 years old. She grew up in La Mesa and rode her bike to school through high school. She says her bike led to freedom to explore neighborhoods and just have fun. She continued riding her bike through her years at SDSU, where she earned a BS in Civil Engineering. Thereafter, she spent 30 years working for Caltrans as an advocate for active transportation, where she incorporated appropriate bicycle features into all of her projects while commuting by bike off and on throughout her career. Laurie is retired from Caltrans and continues to ride her bike for errands, fitness, and fun, enjoying riding on roads and trails.


Dr. Lam Do

Treasurer/Founder/Board Member
Lam is a practicing internal medicine physician in Oceanside, California. He has a passion for cycling! Dr. Do is an accomplished cyclist and has completed innumerable century (100 miles) rides, half a dozen of double century rides, successfully captained an 8-person team in “the world’s toughest bicycle race,” The Race Across America in 2019 and completed a 2-man Race Across the West in 2021. Dr. Do builds and maintains his own bicycles as a “master mechanic”. As an athlete for most of his life, Dr. Do knows the importance of exercise in contributing to success and the maintenance of a healthier body, mind, and spirit. He will instill the same passion to the younger generation!