About Us

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Our Vision

Our vision is to promote a sports activity in schools that is inclusive to all students who want to participate, with its overall goals to promote self-esteem and teamwork while retaining individuality, and develop healthy, physical, lifelong activities among all youths. The GoCyclingNow USA program accomplishes these goals through numerous lessons and activities that focus primarily on bicycle safety, safe riding skills, and understanding bicycle mechanics.

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach road cycling to students in all communities of San Diego County with emphasis on sound road safety and bike maintenance practices, while building individual and team skills, community/public awareness of cyclists, and encouraging exercise on a regular basis to empower students to be healthy.
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Our Assumptions

The current state of students nationwide, in general, reflects a high incidence of obesity and general lack of physical fitness, which is reflected throughout San Diego County as well. Currently, there exist relatively few organized physical education (‘PE’) programs in San Diego County Charter schools, at any level, let alone any that have cycling programs. Initially, the target market is charter schools, with plans for expansion to district and private schools.

Through focused classes utilizing accredited course materials incorporated in the school curriculum, we are giving hands-on experience. Students will learn rules of the road, cycling safety, how to maintain equipment, and how to use tools safely and effectively while earning school credits. The safety course is based on a comprehensive educational program developed as the cooperative effort of the NHTSA* and the AAHPERD** to bring bike safety and the sport of cycling into the educational curriculum.

We have enlisted experienced cyclists and mechanics from the general cycling community, along with school volunteers and parents. Anyone on a bike, either in the program or as a volunteer, is required to complete the Safety Course.

  *National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

**American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (Shape America)