Your Invitation to Learn Bicycle Safety and Enjoyment!

Join Go Cycling Now USA at your charter school to discover the fun, excitement, and freedom of cycling! Programs start in Fall 2021 and focus on how to ride safety, repairing your bike, finding your way around, good eating for cycling, and just having safe FUN! If you don’t have a bike or helmet, let us know. We will provide them for the class. Enrollment is limited at most schools, talk to your counselor or advisor soon.

Questions? Call us at 760.705.8795 or fill out an Inquiry Form.

How can you or someone you know help boost kids self-esteem, get healthier, and aquire skills that can be transferred into productive post-high school jobs?

GoCyclingNow USA is a 501c3 IRS #26053447009411

Recalibrating youth lives for life!